Starting on June 19, we are rising up in support of our partners at Black Lives Matter DC to take action to defend Black Lives. Read the call to action from the Movement for Black Lives:

"In response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people who have been killed at the hands of vigilantes or law enforcement, millions have taken to the streets with a clear and distinct call to end police violence and to defund police. Combined with COVID-19 and four years of Trumpism, Black communities are demanding: justice; accountability; a divestment from policing; and an investment in healthy, sustainable communities.

"To honor our ancestors and to lay a path to freedom for future generations, we are calling for the sixnineteen mobilization on Juneteenth weekend, June 19–21, 2020. We invite you to join us by taking action from home, in your community, or in Washington, D.C.

"The millions of us are here to remind lawmakers that we are bigger than monied interests, including police unions and right-wing think tanks. We know the path away from this disaster. After years of anti-Black violence and animosity for Black life, we demand the defunding of police and an investment in Black communities. We also call for the resignation of Donald Trump, who met our calls for justice with a brutal wave of repression that has added fuel to the fire of racism and systemic inequity."

More information and the demands at 



Planning on joining us in the streets?

Check out our interactive maps of DC

Mapping the Police

Mapping the Police tracks the institutions, organizations and individuals that are responsible for creating and propping up the system of racist police violence here in DC and around the country. 

Sixnineteen Live Map

SIXNINETEEN Live Map is a map updated live with photos and tweets from the streets along with open data on police traffic closures, weather, and other points of interest. As details about actions and events become available we will add these to the map as well.