April 22-May 1

Earth Day to May Day 

On April 22, 2020 when we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we will find ourselves just ten years from plunging irreversibly into a catastrophic climate crisis driven by fossil fuels that threatens our collective survival. Months ago, young people from all around the world put out a call for urgent direct action to confront the climate crisis. Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding ourselves in a much different world than the one we were living in when we first started preparing to answer that call, but it is clear that bold direct action is as essential as ever. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has cracked open the veneer of our economic and social system. It’s putting the inequities in health care, wealth, housing, education, and much more on full display, and exacerbating existing crises. And unless we stop them, the politicians and lobbyists will continue to take advantage of this pandemic to suppress the vote, funnel hundreds of billions of dollars to their corporate cronies, and loosen already inadequate environmental regulations.


In the 10 days between Earth Day and May Day (International Workers Day) we are going to take bold direct action online AND in person (safely) to disrupt the interlocking systems that are threatening our collective survival and build a collaborative framework for a healthier, more just and sustainable world. 

April 22-24 - Earth Day Live

Between April 22 and 24 young people are organizing online actions to strike, divest and vote for our future. From April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to April 24, activists, performers, thought leaders, and artists will come together for an empowering, inspiring, and communal three day livestream mobilization. We will support and lift up these activities and while leaving space for youth to lead in this important moment.  


April 27-May 1 - #ShutDownDC 

​Throughout the week of April 27th we'll take bold direct action online AND in person to shut down business as usual and create space for a healthier and more sustainable world. Each day of the week will focus on a theme to highlight the ways that the climate crisis threatens our communities and lifts up our opportunities to build resilient alternatives.​

  • April 27 - Environmental Justice Right Here Right Now

  • April 28 - Bail Out the People and #CancelRent

  • April 29 - Hold the Corporations Accountable

  • April 30 - Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

  • May 1 - International Workers Day

Each day we’ll be taking part in actions online AND in person. We’ll kick off the online actions each day with an Action-ar (like a webinar, but instead of just listening and learning we all take action together like swarming the switchboards at the Wilson building or taking over a twitter hashtag). The exact times for each action-ar are still being finalized but sign up for the zoom calls and we’ll make sure to let you know when the schedule is finalized.

And if you want to join us in person, that’s great! But please plan on being safe. You can register below for the actions you’re interested in participating in. We’ll follow up with additional details, safety and physical distance information over the next week!

April 27

Environmental Justice Right Here Right Now

Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are both global crises, but here in Washington, DC the effects are very local. And while both of these crises impact everyone, they do not impact everyone equally.


Early data shows that Black and Brown communities are getting sick and dying from COVID-19 at much higher rates than white communities. The federal bailout package excludes immigrant workers from cash assistance and of people are sitting in jails, prisons and ICE detention centers around the region and across the country, facing a potential death sentence as COVID-19 spreads in the tight quarters of their institutions unless they are released soon.


We’re taking leadership from Black Lives Matter DC to lift up the ongoing struggles for health, economic, and racial justice in Washington, DC. 

April 28

Bail Out the People - Cancel Rent

The Sunrise DC Hub, DC Tenants Union, and the Shutdown DC Coalition are teaming up to disrupt business as usual for the DC City Council on Tuesday, April 28 by flooding their phones with our demand to CANCEL RENT!


We'll also be sharing stories in a livestream and highlighting distributed art actions across the city to amplify our demands. The DC City Council is currently in an emergency legislative session, so this is the perfect time to demand they pass housing protections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

April 29

Hold the Corporations Accountable

Millions of people around the world are getting seriously ill, millions more are finding themselves out of work, and hundreds of thousands will die during this pandemic. Meanwhile large corporations are profiting off the crisis and collecting billions in bailouts while putting essential workers at risk.


With leadership from La ColectiVA we’re going to take our message directly to the greedy corporations painting a massive street mural (with nontoxic paint) at the doorsteps of one particularly bad corporate actor. 

AprIL 30

Keep Fossil Fuels In the Ground

While much of the economy has ground to a halt and millions of people shelter in place, energy companies around the world are moving ahead with their destructive dirty energy projects. Worse, in some areas, workers housed in labor camps during the COVID-19 pandemic are creating an unnecessary and easily avoidable public health risk for the communities that are already suffering from the environmental consequences of extreme energy extraction.

While front-line communities aren’t able to make it to DC in person to confront the institutions that are facilitating this, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring their voices to those decision makers. 


We’ll pull a portable PA system on a bike cart as we ride from office to office, visiting institutions like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the American Petroleum Institute and the EPA. Those who can’t join us in person can join us live on Zoom, and at each stop we’ll project the voices of front-line organizers across the internet and in person. 

May 1

International Workers Day

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic it has become even more clear that in times of crisis it is workers, and not the bosses or the investors, who are essential in our society. On International Workers Day we’ll bring the stories of the heroic front line workers who are making it possible for us to survive this pandemic to the nation's capitol. 

We are inviting all types of working people - healthcare workers, warehouse workers, grocery store workers, solid waste workers, students (students are workers too!), people working in prisons, and laid-off and unemployed workers - to share their stories and visions for the future. We’ll take those stories straight to the politicians and bureaucrats who are controlling our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis.

We’ll commit to making sure that every story submitted gets displayed somewhere on the streets of DC - Whether its wheat pasted on a bus station or projected on the side of a building. Online, we’ll hold an essential workers’ town hall to lift up the stories of essential workers who are laboring through the COVID-19 pandemic.