StrikeDC — Friday, September 27

On Monday, 2,000 of us took to the streets of Washington, DC shutting down key intersections and disrupting business as usual to demand an immediate end to the age of fossil fuels, and a swift and just transition to renewable energy. A broad coalition of climate and social justice groups fanned out across downtown D.C. to seize 22 intersections over the course of the morning, blocking traffic during rush hour.  

Monday’s #ShutDownDC mobilization was a huge step forward, but we still have a long way to go to create the level of disruption that we’ll need to force the politicians and rich power brokers to abandon their program of delay and inaction so we can move forward with a bold program to address the climate crisis.  

Let’s hit the streets again on Friday, September 27th at 7am! This is your chance to join in! Details and meeting place coming soon, but check or text StrikeDC to 88202 for updates and details!

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