May 1

International Workers Day

Swarm the Capitol for a People's Bailout!

Join us on May Day (Friday, May 1) to swarm the Capitol and White House. Come by car, bike or on foot. Wear masks and other appropriate personal protective equipment and keep eachother safe by practicing appropriate physical distancing. Leave your torches and pitchforks at home (for now) but bring signs, banners, pots, pans and other noise makers. 


  • If you’re coming by car, line up along Constitution Ave. facing East starting at Constitution and 7th NW. Stay in your car but dial into our Zoom conference for updates! 

  • If you’re coming by bicycle or on foot meet in McPherson Square. 



12:30pm: #ShutDownDC Zoom and Live Stream Begins

1pm: Gather and line up

2pm: People’s Bailout Action-ar starts -- We all start moving! 

2:30pm: Bang pots and pans, honk your horns and make some noise!