90 Days to Earth Day!

Young people around the world are calling on all of us to take action to demand climate justice this Earth Day and here in Washington, DC we’re making big plans to answer that call! In the 9 days between Earth Day and May Day -- International Workers Day -- we’re going to take bold direct actions to confront the climate crisis and create a more just more sustainable world.

April 22-24 -- Youth Leading on Climate

Between April 22 and 24 young people are organizing a robust series of events ranging from school strikes to civil disobedience on Capitol Hill. #ShutDownDC will support and lift up these activities and while leaving space for youth to lead in this important moment.

April 27-May 1 -- #ShutDownDC

Throughout the week of April 27th we’ll shut down business as usual with disruptive actions each day, culminating in a mass mobilization that brings the nation’s capital to a halt on May 1. Each day of the week will focus on a theme that highlights the ways that the climate crisis threatens our communities and lifts up our opportunities to build resilient alternatives.

Last night we held the first #ShutDownDC meeting of 2020 and plans are just starting to come together. We know we’re going to do something big but there are still tons of open questions and possibilities about what this week can look like. Some of those questions started to come up last night and many more will come up over the coming weeks and months; we’re all looking forward to answering those questions together as we work to create this historic mobilization.

Want to get involved in helping to make this happen? Our next organizing meeting is Thursday, January 30 at 7pm at 725 23rd St NW, Washington, DC (Room 208).

ShutDownDC is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space. If there is anything that you need to be able to fully participate in this meeting (for example, ASL interpretation, translation or childcare) please email info@ShutDownDC.org

And there is A LOT of work to do in the 90 days between now and when actions start to kick off on Earth Day and there are tons of ways to get involved! Click here if you want to join a working group or let us know how you can volunteer!