Climate Change and Immigration Justice

After decades of delay and inaction, the climate crisis is here. Already, the rapid warming of the earth is causing changes in weather patterns, increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, sea level rise, floods, droughts, wildfires, and turning farmland into deserts. As things get worse, many people’s homes becoming uninhabitable. Millions will be forced to move to other parts of the world to find safe places to live. New York City is building a sea wall around Manhattan to protect the Wall Street firms who have made billions of dollars from their investments in fossil fuels and deforestation. At the same time, entire countries in the Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia--that did not economically benefit from decades of destructive industrialization--are being forced to move to higher ground to escape rising sea levels. Even worse, many of the same banks that made billions of dollars financing the fossil fuel industry the industries that caused the climate crisis--Black Rock, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase--are now profiting off of climate chaos by investing in the companies that are contracting with ICE to finance border wall construction and run for-profit prisons and detention centers. First, they drive climate migration, and then they profit from it. On December 6th, we’re going to shut down business-as-usual for the financial institutions that profit off of the climate crisis and immigrant detention. As we prepare for this important action, join us for a collective dialogue about the intersections of climate change and migration. Monday, December 2 at 7pm at St Stephens Church (1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC)

During this session we'll hear from a panel of local organizers fighting for immigration justice, we will have small group breakout sessions to explore the connections between climate justice and justice for immigrants, and we will discuss how we can all work together to show mutual aid and solidarity when we're in the streets with comrades who may experience more risks while engaging in direct action. This event is free, and everyone committed to working for immigration justice and climate justice is welcome! We want to make sure that we are creating as inclusive space as possible so please contact us at if there is anything that you need in order to fully participate in this event (ASL interpretation, translation, reserved seating, etc.). We want to create space for everyone to learn from each other in a safe, open and honest forum so we won't be filming or streaming the event (and we ask that you do not take photos or share quotes on social media). Throughout this discussion we hope to learn from wisdom of the Black, Brown and Indigenous freedom fighters in our community, so we encourage everyone to take full advantage of this opportunity by leaving space for those important voices.