From PDX to the Border-DHS Out of Every City

Over 50+ days after George Floyd was murdered and #BlackLivesMatter uprisings spread from coast to coast, we still don't have justice, we're still out in the streets, and we're not backing down.

The Department of Homeland Security, under the leadership of acting secretary Chad Wolf, was deployed to Portland, Oregon last week. Since then, unidentified federal agents have kidnapped protesters with unmarked vans, teargassed protesters, and violently attacked them.

We've seen this before. The violence in Portland has been practiced and rehearsed by CBP and ICE for decades in El Paso, in Anapra, in San Ysidro, and other border cities. Federally sanctioned kidnappings have gone on for decades, with countless Black and Indigenous community leaders being detained and arrested. ICE continues to terrorize immigrant families by brutally separating parents from children in illegal border prisons.

Earlier this week, Trump threatened to send federal agents to more cities, including Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, and more. He has made it clear that his threat to "dominate the streets" was not an exaggeration and that, in the case of a contested election, there is no guarantee that Chad Wolf would not use DHS to silence political opposition.

As part of a national call to action we're calling for a march and rally at Chad Wolf's house in Alexandria, Virginia on Sunday, July 26th at 10am to demand that Trump's troops be removed from every city. Please meet us at Preston Rd and Valley Drive. We're calling for ICE to be abolished. We're calling for every person detained by CBP to be freed.

Join us in the streets. We're not backing down, not now, not in November, and not while BIPOC lives are under attack.

Bring a sign, a friend, and water and please wear a mask.

More info on national call to action here-