Let’s Get Ready! Kick-off Meeting Report back

The November 3rd election is fast approaching and it’s time to get ready to do whatever it takes to defend democracy and make sure Trump leaves the White House. Last night we held our first open organizing meeting and dozens and dozens of people from around the DC region and around the country came together to start to make a plan. We’ve got teams working on developing training programs, strategizing around how we can disrupt Trump’s attacks on democracy, reaching out to partner organizations, developing powerful art and digital tools, and raising the money we need to make this happen.

If you missed the meeting, check out this slide deck with some of the important details on our call to action, organizing principles and working groups! If you’re ready to jump in and get involved fill out this form to let us know how you’d want to volunteer or what working group you’d be interested in joining.

What’s next:

On Wednesday, September 16th join us at 7pm for Timeline to a Meltdown: A 2020 Election Simulation. We’ll break into groups representing different organizations in the current political landscape and explore how different groups are likely to respond to different scenarios that we’re likely to encounter over the next several months. Everybody is welcome but please make sure to RSVP by 12 noon on the 16th!

Join us for a direct action and street smarts training on Sunday, September 20 from 2pm-4:30pm. We’ll cover the basics of working together in small groups, preparing for direct action, and staying healthy and safe in the streets. This session will be offered in person and via zoom. Sign up here for logistics and more information.

Our friends George Lakey and Zein Nakhoda with ChooseDemocracy.us are holding a two-part training on How to Stop a Coup on September 23 and 30th. Click here to register or learn more!

Our next open organizing meeting is at 7pm on Thursday, September 24th. We’ll hear reportbacks from working groups and make important decisions about our next steps! If you missed the first meeting please join us at 6pm for an introduction and overview because we’re going to jump in right where we left off last week at 7pm!

We’ve got a long long way to go and a very short time to get there! Let’s get to work so we can be ready to defend democracy this fall!

In solidarity,


PS. All of this takes money to make happen. We’re funded mostly by donations from supporters like YOU. Can you throw in a few dollars to help us defend democracy this fall?