Mutual Aid Disrupts Business as Usual!

Things are really bad. And it looks like they’re only going to get worse. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in our communities, hundreds of thousands of hourly workers are working in hazardous conditions without adequate protections or facing layoffs with limited options and the big corporations and banks are lining up for bailouts from the government (just like they did back in 2008).

The companies that made billions creating the climate crisis are the same ones that are laying workers off without a second thought—or forcing us to work in dangerous conditions. And as the global economy slows down the banks that have financed the fossil fuel crisis are going to be foreclosing on mortgages and kicking families out of their homes.

At times like these, solidarity is the best medicine.

Join #ShutDownDC TONIGHT (March 19) at 7pm for our weekly organizing call. Click here to RSVP!

We’ll share updates on our plans to disrupt business as usual between Earth Day and May Day – including updates on how groups are adding demands around addressing the COVID-19 pandemic to their organizing.

There are also incredibly powerful mutual aid projects popping up all over the city and around the country. We’ll hear some reports from the ground and share opportunities to get involved!

Ready to get plugged into mutual aid? Click here to volunteer for the Wards 7 and 8or donate to the East of the River Mutual Aid Fund. Or check out this spreadsheet with volunteer and donation opportunities all over the city!

Get Trained Up!

Social distancing doesn’t mean that we need to slow down our social movements! In fact, we're stepping things up! Over the next couple of weeks, #ShutDownDC and our friends are holding a whole series of online trainings, meetings, and info sessions!

Sign up to get plugged in! (This is a growing list of events so check out our calendar for the latest info. If you have event that should be added to the calendar, email us at

Saturday, March 21 at 3pm—Introduction to Technical Blockades

Whether we want to block traffic, shut down a logging road, or occupy and office we often find ourselves looking for tools to allow us to stay in place and shut down business as usual for longer than we could with just our bodies. Join us for a 1-hour introduction to technical blockades. We’ll introduce several different types of blockades, cover the basic mechanics about how some of them work (although we certainly can’t get through a full ‘how-to’ in an hour videoconference), and explore some of the tactical and strategic questions around using tactical blockades

Sunday, March 22 at 1:30pm—Climate Strike Training with XR and Metro DC DSA

Spring is here and it is time to act! Join Metro DC DSA and Extinction Rebellion from 1:30 to 4:30 pm to learn about the climate crisis followed by a direct action training. All are welcome! Get up up to speed or get a quick refresher on the science behind the climate crisis before getting plugged into the Earth Day to May Day climate strikes.

Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm—Police Liaison Training

Join #ShutDownDC for a short video conference training on being a police liaison during demonstrations. We’ll share some best practices (and some of our own worst mistakes!) on filling this important role during actions.