Now is the Time to Organize

Between now and Election Day there’s a lot of work to be done! We’re mapping out different scenarios we may face in this historic moment. We’re building and strengthening relationships based on trust and accountability. We’re building the infrastructure (recruitment, training, action planning, communications, legal support, logistics, food, health, fundraising) that we’ll need to maintain a long-term uprising. And we’re learning and teaching the skills we need to stay healthy and safe in the streets. We’re organizing into small groups called affinity groups that can work autonomously and together in larger gatherings as needed to take bold actions and respond to rapidly changing situations. And we’re coordinating it all through spokes councils that can bring together all of the work that is happening and create space for everyone’s voices and visions as we rise to this moment. 

Want to help make it happen? Fill out this form to let us how you want to be involved between now and the election.