ShutDownDC Meeting-Dec 6 Strike, DA Training, and LOTS of Action

Thursday, November 7 at 6:30 pm

The week of September 20th, more than 6 million people all around the world answered the Youth Climate Strike call to action by walking out of school, skipping work and taking bold action for climate justice. Here in Washington, DC, thousand of us took to the streets, blocking traffic and shutting down business as usual in downtown Washington, DC. But as calls for bold action on climate change grow louder and louder the politicians and rich corporations that created the crisis continue to push their disastrous agenda of delay and inaction.

But we’re not backing down. We’re building a powerful movement for climate justice here in Washington, DC.

Since the September climate strikes we’ve been working hard to plan our next steps and build capacity for even more disruptive actions in the near future. To build up our skill set we’re organizing a series of non-violent direct action and other skills-based trainings; to keep the steady drumbeat of resistance going we’ve been turning out for Fire Drill Fridays and other climate justice actions around the region.

Young people around the US have put out another call for major climate strikes on December 6th. And we’re making big plans to answer that call!

Join us for the next #ShutDownDC General Meeting to find out how to get involved. We’ll be exploring plans for the December 6th climate strike, sharing updates on how to get involved in upcoming trainings and events, and continuing to look ahead to massive mobilizations this spring.

We are committed to making #ShutDownDC an accessible space for everyone in our community to participate. If there is anything you need to be able to fully participate (ASL interpretation, reserved seating, etc.) email us at and we will do everything possible to make arrangements to fill those needs.