ShutDownDC Organizing Double Header

Earth Day is less than 50 days away and plans are coming together to SHUT DOWN business as usual in the nation’s capital from Earth Day to May Day! Join us TONIGHT for an organizing double-header to get involved and make this happen!

If you're new to #ShutDownDC, join us at 6pm TONIGHT to get plugged in

Join us for a one-hour orientation session to hear about the action framework and how we’re all going to work together to make this historic mobilization happen! If you’re excited about taking action for climate justice and want to know how to get involved, this is the first step to plugging in! We'll share an overview of the week, details on how the organizing is happening (and where YOU can get plugged in), information on future trainings, and a timeline for how we're going to make this happen! Click here to register!

If you know the plan and want to find out what the next steps are, join jus at 7pm TONIGHT for our weekly organizing meeting

7pm: We’ll hear the latest updates on #EarthDayToMayDay (including what's happening all five days from April 27 - May 1), what working groups are up to, and how you can get involved in making it all happen! Click here to register!

Can’t make it but planning on throwing down with us this spring?! Make sure we know which day(s) you’re planning on coming out and if you already have an affinity group you’re working with or if you are looking to join an affinity group!