#ShutDownDC Organizing Meeting – Join an Affinity Group!

Because of ongoing public health concerns related to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we will be holding this week’s Earth Day to May Day Affinity Group Mixer via video conference on Zoom and not in person. Because so many of our comrades are not attending public gatherings to protect their health and the health of others, we are using the technology that’s available to us to make sure that everyone is able to fully participate in the organizing spaces that we are creating and keep this important work going forward.

If you're new to #ShutDownDC, join us at 6pm on Thursday to get plugged in

Join us for a one-hour orientation session to hear about the action framework and how we’re all going to work together to make this historic mobilization happen! If you’re excited about taking action for climate justice and want to know how to get involved, this is the first step to plugging in! We'll share an overview of the week, details on how the organizing is happening (and where YOU can get plugged in), information on future trainings, and a timeline for how we're going to make this happen! Click here to register!

If you know the plan and are looking to join an affinity group (or invite others to join yours!) join us at 7pm on Thursday for our affinity group mixer!

This spring we’re organizing in small groups called affinity groups. Affinity groups are small-ish groups (5-6 or fewer to 25 or more) that organize to show up in the streets together. By organizing with small groups, we can get to know the folks we’re taking to the streets with, come up with creative action ideas that we can organize ourselves (without waiting for somebody else to tell us what to do), coordinate with other small groups and the anchor organizations for each day.

Are you looking to join a small group to throw down with this spring? Join us this Thursday for an ‘affinity group mixer’ to meet other folks looking for a group to organize with! If you’re part of group and open for people to join you, call in to this week’s meeting to meet people looking for a crew to roll with! Click here to register!

Full Speed Ahead Toward Earth Day!

While we aren’t meeting in person right now, we are moving full speed ahead with our plans to take bold direct action to #ShutDownDC from Earth Day to May Day. If anything, the outrageous reality that our neighbors without access to quality healthcare, secure housing, healthy food, or paid sick days are facing some of the most severe risks from the spread of this virus highlights the need to take bold direct action to confront and dismantle the interlocking systems of oppression that are so pervasive in our communities.

As the climate crisis worsens, we will experience more and more disasters brought on by super storms, droughts, novel diseases, and extreme weather events. Many of the very same communities that are facing outsized risks from this virus will once again shoulder some of the most severe impacts of those climate induced disasters. With that in mind we are moving full speed ahead with planning for this historic mobilization. In the coming weeks we will, of course, listen closely to the advice of public health experts about how to keep ourselves and our communities healthy and safe and, if needed, we will all work together to adjust our plans accordingly.