TONIGHT: Into the Streets for Black Lives

For more than a week thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand an end to the systematic murder of Black and Brown people in our country. Rather than hearing the urgent cry for justice, our leaders have used tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons to attack protesters; called up military units to patrol our streets (even buzzing protesters with a Black Hawk helicopter last night); and issued outrageous curfews to try to keep us off the streets and shut down dissent. Last night Mayor Bowser ordered DC Metro Police to round up and arrest hundreds of our friends and neighbors.

But they will not keep us silent. We are inspired by the thousands of young people of color who are leading in this moment and have been taking to the streets night after night for the past week. Tonight we’re headed to the streets to join this powerful uprising, to learn from, and to follow the leadership of the young people who are rising up in this moment.

And we invite you to join us if you are able.

Meet at Lafayette Park (16th and H NW or as close to there as you can get) starting at 5pm. Stay in the streets past Mayor Bowser’s arbitrary curfew and continue to demand justice for George Floyd and other victims of police violence, accountability for killer cops, and the end of the violent policing of communities of color.

Please make a plan to stay healthy and safe in the streets. Wear a mask and other appropriate personal protective equipment. Come with a buddy (or a group!). Bring plenty of water to drink, some snacks, and a fully charged cell phone.

See you at 5pm.

Love and Solidarity,