Tonight, Tomorrow, Saturday: Next steps to #ShutDownDC

Earth Day is less than two months away and our plans to #ShutDownDC from Earth Day to May Day are getting into high gear! Tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, take your next (or first!) steps to get ready to shut down business as usual in the nation’s capital.


Still wondering what the plan is and how we’re going to do something as absurdly ambitious as bringing the nation’s capital to a standstill? Join us at 6pm TONIGHT for an info session via Zoom. We’ll let you know what the plans are, who is already involved and help YOU develop your plan to make this happen! Click here to register and get the dial in information!


Join us for our weekly organizing meeting at 7pm at 725 23rdSt. NW, room 208. If it’s your first meeting (or first meeting in a while) show up at 6pm and we’ll bring you up to speed on the organizing plan because at 7pm we’re going to dive right in, picking up where we left off at the end of last week’s meeting. We’ll be talking about next steps for building out each of the themed days of action, the May Day mobilization and continuing to move this ambitious plan forward. Click here to RSVP and for accessibility information!


Get ready to get into the streets! Join us for a #ShutDownDC Direct Action Training on Saturday, February 29 from 1pm to 4pm at the Southeast Neighborhood Library! We’ll cover the basics of working together in a small group (affinity groups), moving in the streets together, how to plug in with the action framework, your legal rights and what to do if you’re arrested, and staying healthy and safe in the streets! Click here to RSVP and for accessibility information!

Right Now!

Do you know which days you’re planning on taking action? Are you part of an affinity group or organization that’s taking part in the action together? Fill out this form to let us know how you’re planning on shutting down DC so we can make sure to get you and your organization plugged into the organizing process!