Trainings, Meetings, Actions... And More!

This spring, from Earth Day to May Day, we’re going to take bold action to confront the climate crisis. Join us TONIGHT to find out how to get involved!

We’re starting at 6pm at 725 23rd St NW, Washington DC (Room 208). Click here to RSVP and for accessibility information! Can’t make it in person? Click here to register to join us online!

6pm-7pm -- #ShutDownDC -- How we’re going to make it happen!

Join us for a one hour orientation session to hear about the action framework and how we’re all going to work together to make this historic mobilization happen! If you’re excited about taking action for climate justice and want to know how to get involved, this is the first step to plugging in! Can’t make it in person? Sign up here to participate virtually via Zoom!

7pm-9pm -- Affinity Group Training!

Excited about taking action in the streets this spring? In #ShutDownDC we organize and take action through small(ish) autonomous groups called affinity groups. Join us for an affinity group training to get the skills you need to be healthy, safe and powerful in the streets!

And over the next few weeks there are tons of other opportunities to get involved and take action for climate justice!

February 19-20 – Take action against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Permitting the climate crimes

Join Beyond Extreme Energy and other groups in taking direct action against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington D.C. February 19-20.

February 20 at 7pm—Video Roundtable – Local and Front Line Organizers Leading the fight.

Join us for a round table to hear from the youth, local and front line organizer leading the fight for climate justice. Everyone is welcome but click here to register!

February 24—US Supreme Court Hearing on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Click here to find out how to get involved in action outside the hearing!

February 29-1-4pm – #ShutDownDC Direct Action Training

Southeast Neighborhood Library—Click here for more details or to RSVP!

We’ll cover the basics of working together in a small group (affinity groups), moving in the streets together, how to plug in with the action framework, your legal rights and what to do if you’re arrested, and staying healthy and safe in the streets!

March 6-15 – Appalachian Climate Action Camp

10 days of learning, training and taking direct action to disrupt the systems that are destroying our climate hosted by Appalachians Against Pipelines. If you’re planning on heading out from DC, contact us at so we can help coordinate rides!